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  • Question:  My van only has a 75 gallon fresh water supply tank how is this different than the big truck?
  • Answer:  The big truck has a 210 gallon fresh water supply tank and a 155 gallon recovery tank.
  • Question:  What is the difference between a franchise contract and the Majestic trademark license agreement?
  • Answer:   There are many differences:  No territorial restrictions in your State.  No financial audits.  No mandatory monthly chemical purchases, and no mandatory equipment purchases to name a few.
  • Question:  Does this system use different cleaning solutions for carpet, tile and oriental rugs?
  • Answer:  The Majestic system uses one main cleaning solutions for the carpet, tile and rugs.
  • Question:  How much does it cost to purchase a Majestic Floor Care Trademark License?
  • Answer:  A one time license trademark  fee of $5,900.  
  • Question:  Is there a monthly fee to own a Majestic Floor Care Business?
  • Answer:  After the first six months in business there will be a fee of $299/month.
  • Question:  If I purchase a Majestic Trademark agreement does this give me access to the Majestic brand cleaning solutions?
  • Answer:  Yes.  Majestic Floor Care has been working for the past 10 years to come up with the best cleaning solutions available to clean carpet, tile, and rugs.  The cleaning solutions will only be available to Majestic License holders.


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